HOW TO INSTALL Guralp SCREAM on UBUNTU 7.04 (Feisty Fawn).

This procedure will probably work for installing RPM packages on other

versions of Ubuntu and other debian based linux distrubitions.

Some of these commands were modified from:


For anyone moving from a Linux distribution which has a root user, (superuser), note

that Ubuntu 7.04, and probably other Ubuntu versions do not have a root user. Instead of su ing

to root, type:

sudo command.

Ubuntu will require you to retype your user password again. This will be the same password you

logged in with.

For persons still using windows, upgrade to Linux :) :):) SuSE and Ubuntu are our faviorite

distributions, because that is what we are familiar with. SuSE uses .rpm packages; Ubuntu uses

.deb packages.


  1. Check whither your Ubuntu computer has the alien packages installed.

    Type into a terminal window (eg xterm):

which alien

if the return is something like: /usr/bin/alien, alien is installed. Skip step 2. and start

at step 3.

if the return is only a prompt, alien is not installed, go to step 2.

2. Type into a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev dbhelper build essential

Because this is a root/superuser command (sudo), you will be prompted to enter your

user password. Assuming that the computer is on the internet, the statement installs

several components, including the gnu C/C++ compiler. Expect lots of output.

  1. You will presumably have a SCREAM rpm package named something like:


We suggest that you keep a package directory. If your home directory is /home/jane

use something like /home/jane/PACKAGES.

cd to /home/jane/PACKAGES or whatever directory scream-4.4-1.i386.rpm is in.

4. Convert the rpm package to a deb package:


sudo alien scream-4.4-1.i386.rpm

The /home/jane/PACKAGES directory should now have a new file name

scream-4.4-1.i386.deb . We suggest you keep both the rpm and deb

packages in the /home/jane/PACKAGES. If you have multiple versions of

SCREAM plus other application packages, we suggest putting all

SCREAM packages into a sub-directory such as /home/jane/PACKAGES/SCREAM.

You should not need further sub-directories to separate rpm and deb packages,

because the .rpm, or .deb clearly distinguishes them.

5. Install the SCREAM debian (.deb) package on your Ubuntu computer.

Remain in the directory with the .deb package and type:

sudo dpkg -I scream-4.4-1.i386.deb

You should find a new binary program: /usr/bin/scream-4.4-1.i386

Check to be sure it is executable.

If /usr/bin is in your path, you can type scream-4.4-1.i386 to start SCREAM.

6. If you wish to type only scream to start SCREAM, do not create confusion

by renaming the executable. Instead make a link to it:


cd /usr/bin

sudo ln -s scream-4.4-1.386 scream

Jim Lawson 2007-10-10

revised and much more

detail added 2007-11-28