This earthquake occurred at 9:18PM CDT/2115 CDT on 2002 Oct 19 (0218 GMT
2002 Oct 20).

The epicenter was at 34.33 degrees North latitude and 95.80 degrees West
Longitude. about 6 miles N of Darwin, 19 miles E of Atoka, or 40 miles
NE of Durant.

The magnitude was 3.4 on the mbLg scale (one version of the Richter scale).

The earthquake was felt widely in Bryan County and Atoka County. It was also
felt in Coleman, Johnston County. It usually sounded like an explosion or
sonic boom, sometimes accompined or followed by a slight shaking and rattling
of dishes and/or windows. Flower pots were knocked off a shelf (or porch
railing nine miles South of Bently. Much information was reported by Amber
in the Brian Co., Sheriff's office, and Pam Ridgeway in the Atoka Co. 
Sheriff's office. Pam had some callers who were concerned that the loud boom
might have been a terrorist explosion.

The Sheriff in Pushmataha County, and the Sheriff in Choctaw County had
no calls.

The figure below shows seismograms and spectrograms of this earthquake
recorded at four locations. Seismograms show the up and down movement
of the ground at the recording site. Spectrograms show the frequencies
of the earth movement, from ~0.1 Hertz (bottom of each colored band) to
10 Hertz at the top of each band.

PREVIOUS HISTORY OF EARTHQUAKES IN BRYAN AND ATOKA COUNTIES OKLAHOMA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OBSERVATORY OKLAHOMA EARTHQUAKE CATALOG DATE (UTC) TIME (UTC) COUNTY ST MM MAGNITUDES LATITUDE LONGITUDE DEPTH SM YYYY MMM DD HH MM SS.SS 3Hz bLg DUR deg (N) deg (W) km 1968 OCT 11 02 22 55.00 BRYAN OK F 2.3 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 11 02 40 42.00 BRYAN OK F 1.9 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 11 08 55 42.00 BRYAN OK F 2.8 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 11 09 33 37.00 BRYAN OK F 2.4 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 11 21 44 57.00 BRYAN OK 2.0 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 12 03 50 28.00 BRYAN OK 1.8 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 12 11 19 06.00 BRYAN OK 1.8 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 12 21 46 44.00 BRYAN OK 2.6 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 14 03 45 20.00 BRYAN OK 2.0 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 14 14 42 54.00 BRYAN OK 6 3.5 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 17 21 54 57.00 BRYAN OK 2.0 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1968 OCT 18 21 14 10.00 BRYAN OK 2.8 34.0000 -96.4000 5.00R O 1982 MAY 03 07 54 48.65 BRYAN OK 6 2.8 3.0 2.6 33.9900 -96.4730 5.00R ON 1988 OCT 13 14 42 06.75 BRYAN OK 2.3 2.9 2.4 34.0910 -96.1440 5.00R ON 1989 AUG 29 23 58 17.70 BRYAN OK 1.9 34.0120 -96.1460 5.00R ON 1995 FEB 15 15 25 44.92 BRYAN OK 1.9 1.8 1.8 34.0670 -96.2960 5.00R ON 1995 APR 02 14 02 29.84 BRYAN OK 2.7 2.2 2.1 34.0990 -96.5590 5.00R ON 1996 FEB 29 23 42 40.43 BRYAN OK 1.8 1.7 1.5 34.1060 -96.3350 5.00R ON 1997 AUG 29 05 22 38.52 BRYAN OK 1.9 1.7 34.0050 -96.4210 5.00R ON 1998 SEP 15 22 31 29.11 BRYAN OK 1.9 33.8150 -96.3910 5.00R ON DATE (UTC) TIME (UTC) COUNTY ST MM MAGNITUDES LATITUDE LONGITUDE DEPTH SM YYYY MMM DD HH MM SS.SS 3Hz bLg DUR deg (N) deg (W) km 1963 JAN 15 05 33 37.50 ATOKA OK 2.0 34.6000 -95.9000 5.00R T 1963 MAR 13 09 33 34.00 ATOKA OK 2.6 34.6000 -95.9000 5.00R T 1978 APR 02 21 32 48.08 ATOKA OK 2.5 2.3 2.5 34.6350 -96.0570 5.00R ON 1978 DEC 08 11 18 53.92 ATOKA OK 2.0 1.8 1.7 34.6760 -96.0630 5.00R ON 1981 MAY 05 11 29 54.68 ATOKA OK 1.9 2.1 34.5600 -95.8280 5.00R ON 1983 AUG 20 05 46 01.39 ATOKA OK 2.1 1.9 2.3 34.4350 -95.9840 5.00R ON 1983 SEP 28 00 16 15.35 ATOKA OK 1.5 1.9 34.1660 -96.3050 5.00R ON 1985 JUN 03 07 13 34.47 ATOKA OK 2.1 2.0 34.5000 -95.8510 5.00R ON 1987 JAN 29 00 00 53.22 ATOKA OK 2.5 2.6 2.3 34.3180 -96.2340 5.00R ON 1989 JUN 12 14 20 47.58 ATOKA OK 2.2 1.8 34.3550 -96.2610 5.00R ON 1991 JUL 20 11 17 52.01 ATOKA OK 2.5 2.3 2.2 34.4770 -95.9560 5.00R ON 1995 MAR 22 13 24 43.90 ATOKA OK 2.2 1.6 34.3640 -96.4060 5.00R ON 1995 JUN 27 21 19 43.50 ATOKA OK 2.2 2.8 1.5 34.2700 -96.4060 5.00R ON 1995 AUG 22 02 44 12.29 ATOKA OK 1.4 1.4 1.6 34.5560 -95.9090 5.00R ON 1995 AUG 27 08 08 29.84 ATOKA OK 1.5 1.7 34.3370 -96.0150 5.00R ON 1995 OCT 05 04 59 36.84 ATOKA OK 1.3 1.6 34.2370 -96.1590 5.00R ON 1995 OCT 05 22 06 41.53 ATOKA OK 2.1 2.1 1.6 34.2080 -96.2430 5.00R ON 1995 NOV 04 17 51 19.15 ATOKA OK 1.8 1.5 34.2000 -96.3630 5.00R ON 1996 JAN 09 22 05 51.14 ATOKA OK 2.1 2.1 1.6 34.2000 -96.2340 5.00R ON 1996 FEB 25 18 53 37.43 ATOKA OK 2.2 2.0 1.8 34.6550 -95.8900 5.00R ON 1996 MAR 27 16 27 10.70 ATOKA OK 1.8 1.9 1.6 34.3010 -96.2490 5.00R ON 1997 FEB 05 14 18 54.74 ATOKA OK 2.7 2.4 2.2 34.2120 -96.0270 5.00R ON 1997 FEB 26 00 50 52.89 ATOKA OK 1.7 34.4260 -96.0620 5.00R ON 1997 JUN 07 09 04 10.53 ATOKA OK 2.0 1.7 2.0 34.4110 -96.2960 5.00R ON 1998 FEB 18 10 59 42.22 ATOKA OK 1.1 1.1 34.5830 -96.0630 5.00R OC 1998 MAY 02 23 56 04.79 ATOKA OK 2.2 1.9 1.9 34.2520 -96.0590 15.20 OC 1998 OCT 20 09 48 23.09 ATOKA OK 1.6 34.3860 -95.8370 11.60R OC 1998 NOV 14 09 03 35.70 ATOKA OK 1.5 34.3890 -96.2730 1.70 OC 2000 APR 20 17 08 19.88 ATOKA OK 2.2 2.3 1.9 34.4188 -96.1152 5.00R OC 2001 JAN 27 00 57 54.28 ATOKA OK 2.3 2.1 2.0 34.6404 -95.9524 15.19 OC In 1968, a number of earthquakes were felt in Durant. Because there was only one seismograph station in Oklahoma, these wern located arbitrarily in Durant. The 1982 felt earthquake was near Durant. It caused the slab of a house to move enough to pinch off the pipes to one bathroom. Replacing the plumbing cost $5000. The earthquakes in Atoka County were scattered and apparently too small to be felt. EDITED FELT REPORTS. The reports below are edited. Among other editing, email addresses and any exact street address are removed. 1. 0.5 miles S 1.5 miles W of Cobb, Bryan Co. 74701-8034 One-story home watching T.V. felt like thunder rumble, heard distant long boom. House shook throughout. 2. Caddo, Bryan Co,. 74729 ground 1 story home Sitting on couch watching TV sound of lights rattle on fixture and plates on wall Furniture, walls everything seemed to shake for a few moments 3. 3 miles SW of Bromide, Johnston Co. 73450 At home first floor.Had just let my dogs outside when I heard the boom and felt my house shaking - windows rattled, etc. When I opened a window 20-30 seconds later I could actually hear the last of the rumblings. Thought there had been a mine explosion as there are quarries in the area. Then house began to shake, as if it were "one with the earth". Knew it must be something big, because my house is made of rock and is fairly substantial. Windows shook, think my lamp rattled, dogs were unsettled. I was excited/alarmed but not really scared. Looking back, it was an exhilarating experience - one of those things that you wonder if you'll ever experience again. I also wonder what my grandparents went through in Oklahoma years ago and if they ever felt an earthquake. It all happened so quickly and it was dark, but I do remember the house shaking and the windows rattling. What really impressed me was the "rumbling" noise as it went away, and I'm glad I opened a window because I might not have heard the sounds of the quake leaving had my window not been open. Think I might have felt one or two aftershocks, just little light tremors within 1-2 hours after. 4. Durant, Bryan Co., @3 miles west of StoneCreek Baptist Church 74701. 1st storey talking with friends sounded like a cannon going off house shook, lamps rattled. 5. Durant, Bryan Co., 1 mile west and a mile south from folsom baptist church 74701 Ist floor. watching TV sounded like a gunshot whole house shook 6. Bokchito, Bryan Co., 2 miles south of town 74726 At home, 2nd floor. Watching television. Almost like rolling thunder. House shook throughout. Could feel the vibration in the floor. Trembling of things on wall. 7. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 First floor watching tv sounded like some one ran into my home sounded like [an explosion] house shook just a tremble did not know what it was 8. Two miles NE of Milburn, Johnston Co., Single storey Walking from den to kitchen. Sounded like rolling thunder and the house shook for several seconds Did not feel any movement. 9. Wapanaca, Johnston Co., 3 Miles West of Coleman and 2 1/8 Miles North 73461 at home ground floor sitting near a window, using telephone a rumble sounding like constant thunder lasting 6-10 seconds. Heard dishes rattling felt slight tremor. 10. 4 1/2 miles north of Caddo, Ok (across Atoka County line) 74729 first floor sounded like distant thunder and the house shuddered slightly, as if hit by a gust of wind. felt: slight shudder 11. Caddo, Bryan Co. 74729 First floor Sitting down, watching TV. We heard a rumble,and then what sounded like an explosion, then a little more rumble. I thought someone had exploded an unusually large amount of dynamite at the rock crusher plant. The floor beneath my feet shook, the whole house shook, My husband was in bed but not asleep and the whole bed shook A shirt I had hung on a freezer door slid off into the floor. *Pictures crooked on the wall* 12. Caddo, Bryan Co., 73762 First floor. Sitting down and watching TV Sounded like an explosion House shook throughout 13. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 At home, first (single story) Watching TV We were watching tv and there was a rumbling and fruit jars on a display shelf rattled. It was similar to a very strong clap of thunder causing the windows and things on shelves to rattle. But the roar that would come withthunder was NOT present. It lasted only a few seconds. Maybe only three to five seconds My husband describes it more like a really close train coming through but coming on slowly and then leaving. But not the sound of the train. House shook throughout slightly. Picture on a shelf was moved just slightly. Enough for it to fall forward the next morning. 14. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 first story I was sitting in my chair watching TV. I heard a boom noise and my vertical blinds in my living room shook. The ground moved and my cat that was asleep on the floor jumped up on all fours. 15. Durant, Bryan Co. 74701 second story watching the TV sounded like a distant rumble and I heard something exploded but in the far distant. When it first happen I thought it felt like a small earthquake but decided that it must of been an explosion somewhere far distant. I heard on my police scanner later that there had been an explosion somewhere, I did not hear about the earthquake until to night 10/20/02 on the 10:00 oclock news and they said for us to report if we felt the earthquake. the house shook throughout the second story, the movement was very noticeable. my computer was moving, knick-knacks moving, pictures swinging. There was movement but not anything major. a few knick-knacks had moved a little and a few pictures on the walls hanging a little bit off balance. 16. Durant, Bryan Co. 74701 ground storey sitting down working on the computer sounded like an underground explosion shook the house throughout 17. Folsom, Johnston Co., 6-miles S. of Coleman,OK I heard 2 more booms shortly after the first big boom. The 2 after were not as loud as the first one was. The first one shook my house hard, and the boom lasted for about 2-3 seconds. second story I was cleaning my upstairs in my house.I first heard this loud-loud booming sound, and then my windows started to shake, and pictures on the wall started to shake. After sometime my whole house was shaking. *knick-knacks were on the floor* 18. Two miles west of Ravenna, Fannin Co., Texas 75476 Watching TV. Heard a sound like a jet or thunder outside. House vibrated as with some heavy jet traffic. 19. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 ground floor Watching T V rumble like a large truck going over a bump slight vibration 20. Coleman, Atoka Co., two miles west of Boggy Depot State Park 73432 First floor Sitting down and watching TV. sounded like distant thunder. House shook throughout. 21. 5 mi sw of Wapanucka, Johnston Co., 73461 ist floor, Sitting, watching tv Heard a loud bang, like a sonic boom or thunder with rumbling afterwards that was like a very low flying military jet transport. House vibrated like it would from a near or direct lightning strike. 22. 4 miles N. of Cobb, Bryan Co., 74701 home first floor. I was watching TV, husband sleeping, it woke him up loud boom. thought explosion window shook 23. Durant, Bryan Co. 74701 In the den on the South side of our house ground level Watching television. I heard a slight rumble that I thought may have been a train about a mile south of the house. The windows on the south side of the den rattled and the recliner I was sitting in vibrated for about three seconds. 24. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 First, single story putting children to bed sounded like thunder or large truck going by house shook 25. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 One story house I was sitting in the den watching tv, while my husband and kids were in a bedroom playing video games. I heard a loud, continuous rumble that shook the house. At first I thought it was thunder, but knew quicklY that it wasn't. My husband ran outside to see what it was. My 12 year old son was the only one to guess correctly. He said "mom, i think it was an earthquake and I can still feel it!" We all felt the vibrations. My son said the pictures on his wall shook. The main thing was the strong, deep vibrations that lasted much longer than a sonic boom would have. Pictures on the wall moved slightly. 26. Bennington, Bryan Co., 74723 1 storey building Sitting in chair I heard a sound like thunder that got louder then quit. The house shook and I felt the vibration through my chair. It didn't last more than two minutes. 27. 3 miles SSE from Coleman, Atoka Co. 73461 1st floor. Watching TV. Up moving around at the time. Sounded like thunder but lasted a lot longer thought something might have exploded. House shock and rattled all the windows. Didn't move enough to make footing a problem. Thought we felt a after shock but very mild and couldn't tell for sure. 28. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 ground floor sewing and watching tv I heard a loud explosion, felt like something fell on the roof of the house. The dog barked several times and kept looking at the ceiling. Thehouse shook. I don't remember feeling movement, may have but I was too concerned about what I heard. Could tell that the roof of the house was trembling. 29. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 First floor. Sitting down watching TV. Heard loud explosion/thunder. Entire house shook. 30. Coleman Johnston Co., 74432 on my computer bottom floor typing a report for school on my computer like a navy plane flew by the ground and my chair shake 31. Coleman, Johnston Co., 73432 1st floor home sitting in a chair watching television I first heard a rumble sounding like distant thunder, but from a wide angle of direction. It approached, lasting several seconds, followed by a vibration of the floor as it passed. The vibration was definitely felt if incontact with the floor. The noise then passed and then became inaudible several seconds later. Floor vibrated briefly and was felt by those sitting on floor or with feet on the floor. No noticeable extension of energy through furniture for those not in contact with the floor. 32. 4 miles E of Durant, Bryan Co. 74701 at my hose first floor I was sitting down wacthing t.v. I heard a big rumble and my t.v. started rattling. My house and windows shook. *My drink sloshed from side to side (This is called a "seiche"-editor)* *T.V. was blank for about a minute or so.* 33. stonecreek 3miles north of Durant, Bryan Co. i was in the floor playing a game with a friend the first story my friend and i felt a shake under us and we heard a loud rumble like thunder nothing shook we just felt a little movement 34. 10 miles east of the city of Caddo, Bryan Co., 74729 1 story We were sitting on the couch watching tv. At first we thought that something had exploded and we had felt the concusion of the blast and also sounded like a sonic boom. The house rattled somewhere around three to four seconds and then we could hear the rumbling as it moved on. A few pictures were crooked. 35. Caney, Atoka Co., 74533. 1st floor. Sitting at my computer in bedroom. My husband in living room watching TV. Sounded like an explosion outside. Felt the house tremor. We jumped up at the same time, "What was that?" I felt the floor tremble under my feet. Later noticed that *some loose shelving had fallen in the utility room*. Don't know if that had anything to do with it. We looked around outside for signs that it was an explosion and decided ourselves that it was an earthquake. 36. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 Ground floor Watching television in bed The dog started barking first. I then began to feel and hear a very loud rumble. It became louder. I then felt my bed rock and actually saw the walls in the bedroom move up and down. 37. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 1st floor Laying on the love seat I didn't hear anything. The house shook and the windows rattled. 38. edge of Lake Texoma, Grayson Co., Texas. 1 mile from Willis Bridge separating OK from Tx. 76245. First floor. walking from one room to another there was just a gentle swaying. I was surprised because having gone through California and Nevada earthquakes, I thought "that feels like an earthquake, but I guess I'm wrong because I didn't think we had earthquakes out here. Mentioned it to others and they thought I was crazy.....not so, huh? 40. 3 miles north of Kenefic, Atoka Co., 74748 1st floor sitting down watching t.v. I heard a roaring that sounded like thunder, but lasted significantly longer than a clap of thunder. 41. About 5 miles East of Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 My husband and I were sitting in the living room watching television. We both heard what sounded like a boom....kind of like an explosion. We both kind of just sat there a minute.....I said what the heck was that? My husband thought right away it might have been an earthquake. I thought maybe a tanker had exploded or a plane had crashed. The whole house shook....things rattled. The chairs we were sitting in, moved a little...they're on a bare concrete floor...it happened kind of fast so we didn't really have time to react....felt no aftershocks, or anythingelse after that. We were just startled Didn't really see anything...just felt the rumbling. It was over before we could really think. Just one big loud noise after the shaking started. 42. Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 1st floor in living room watching tv i heard a rumble and felt the floor vibrating toward me, then a big boom that shook under me. the whole floor and walls seemed to be shaking. 43. Kenefic, Bryan Co., 74748 1st floor Watching TV in bed. The sound was like a rolling thunder that lasted at least 5 seconds. No rattle was felt. I thought is was thunder till I looked outside and saw high clouds. I then thought is was a sonic boom...jets come over our house in the afternoon (low level), but not a night. Didn't think much about it till my brother called (lives 1/2 mile North of Durant. He thought it was a earthquake because his dishes moved on the table. After talking to him a 9:21 PM I remembered our two dogs, who were in the house with us...did not move, just kept sleeping. If it had been thunder/lightning, etc. they would be on the bed with us. Found two pictures hanging on the wall with the cardboard backing slide out of the picture 2". This might have been done at anytime, but I did notice it the next day. 44. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 Our Home, 1st floor We were watching TV. It sounded like rumbling thunder trailing off to the southeast. The house shook throughout. 45. Bennington, Bryan Co., Walking outside in the yard heard sound similar to trains clashing when switching cars train together in switchyard, we can hear trains though the track is 2 miles north. Sound was a 'boom' and was actually two 'booms' very close together, like, 'boom--'boom' with at most 1.0 to 1.5 seconds for the entire episode, booms and the pause between. I felt the ground shake and thought, "What are they doing with the trains, because it doesn't usually sound twice like that when switching." The shaking happened at the same time but it was so fast i could not say if I felt two distinct shakes or just one. Right after the sound my dog started howling in the direction of the sound, northwest. I was standing near the above ground swimming pool but did not notice any action in the water or with plants hanging on the porch, but I was not looking for anything like that, but there are wind chimes on the porch and they did not ring. It was more like a feeling than shaking things up. I did not think of an earthquake. We have not noticed any damage or anything disturbed. 46. Durant, Bryan Co., 74701 Residence, ground floor. Sitting on couch watching Television. Heard a rumbling sound followed by the windows rattling. Assumed the sound was a car stereo passing on the road. Sound moved away towards the South. Felt no vibrations. 47. Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 My family was in the living room talking. First floor I heard a roar and started to get up to see if someone was outside our house. Before I had tim to the couch that I was sitting on started to move. This only lasted for a few seconds. Everyone else could feel the chair they were sitting in move move also. It felt really strange. We thought that it might have been either a bomb or an earthquake. 48. 1/2 mile South of Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 At home, in our living room. First floor My husband and myself were in our living room watching television. We heard a loud boom then for a few seconds the house and everything in it moved. We could hear dishes and other things rattle. 49. Fillmore, Johnston Co. 73432 First floor. Eating dinner. Sounded like lightning struck out side the house. The floor rattled as it does when the F-14s fly over. 50. Atoka, Atoka Co. 74525 Home. First floor. watching tv sounded like something rolling on the floor mild vibration. 51. 3 miles west of Cobb, Bryan Co., 74701 First floor. watching TV. Sounded like rolling thunder. It seemed to be the same sound that we have heard in years past when the rock crusher at Kenefic was blasting with dynamite. The house shook. 52. Kenefic, Bryan Co., 74748 sitting wating TV distant thunder felt slight shake of furniture 53. Wapanucka, Johnston Co. 73461 Ground floor 1-story Watching TV Heard sound like rolling thunder. Thought it was a thunderstorm until it occured to me that I only heard it one time. Felt no perceptable ground movement. 54. Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 inside my home in the bedroom working on the computer first floor I was working on the computer in my bedroom. My husband was watching T.V., and my children were playing in the living room floor. It sounded and felt like to me a large object had just exploded in the pasture. The Home Interior decorations on my wall, the windows, the whole house shook. I asked my husband what was that, he replied I don't know. He thought it might have been thunder, but agreed it felt more intense than any thunder storm. My children ages 5 and 7 came running to me they thought it might be a tornado. I've never experienced anything like it so intense and surronding. We were at church the next day and from conversation there it seemed to be felt widely in our community. 55. Caney, Atoka Co., 74533 First floor Sitting down watching TV with my son. Heard a roar like thunder. ceiling fans were swaying. 56. 1.5 mi, North of Bentley Home first floor. Standing in bathroom Heard a low rumble that seemed to last two or three seconds. The house shook like a 2000 lb bomb had exploded at a distance of eight to ten miles away( I have experienced this in the military). I made a comment to my wife that something had exploded somewhere or that it was a small earthquake ( I have felt these in Turkey Mag. 5.5 and in Argentina Mag 5.4 ) mirror over bathroom sink viberated. some pictures on wall were askew. Minor crack in sheetrock on wall of north hall and north bed room, north bedroom and north bathroom doors drag at top of frame, both are hinged on south side of frame, Cornice moulding in living room has pulled away from wall about .25 inches from east wall, house faces west and is single story on concrete slab,floor seems to slope slightly to north. 57. Five miles E and 10 miles S of Bently, Atoka Co., 74525, right on Bryan/Atoka County line. First floor My Husband and I were watching t.v. It sounded like an exlposion then the house shook and the windows rattled. It was wierd!! The front door was open and a big gush of wind came through the screen door. Felt: shaking and chair moved. Saw front door shook and screen vibrated.