The Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory is a research and public-service agency located in rural Tulsa County. The OGS Observatory is a part of the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the University of Oklahoma. The OGS was written into the Constitution of Oklahoma in 1907, and is the only state geological survey to hold that distinction. The enabling legislation was signed into law on May 29, 1908. The Survey's mandate remains to study Oklahoma's geology, prepare and distribute reports, and promote wise use of the State's natural resources.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory in rural Tulsa County, south of Leonard is a comprehensive
geophysical observatory which records, identifies, and locates  50 to 167 animated gif of the word EARTHQUAKE shaking then crumbling in Oklahoma each year, and also records atleast seven worldwide earthquakes per day.

Norman Staff:  Randy G. Keller - Director Oklahoma Geological Survey
               Ken Luza - Coordinator for Observatory Programs
               Austin Holland -Research Seismologist Office: 405-325-8497

Leonard Staff:  Amie R. Gibson - Research Scientist II  918-366-4152
                Jake Nance - Research Specialist  918-366-4152


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Magnitude 3.1 March 13, 2010  09:02:44 UTC  03:02:44 AM CST Canadian Co.  IMAGE BELOW                LATEST OKLAHOMA EARTHQUAKES!

The six largest earthquakes locations are very well constrained and on relocation we expect the magnitude 2.1 earthquake to centered with the cluster.  The cluster of six earthquakes is 7 miles west of Union City Oklahoma in Canadian County near the border with both Grady and Caddo Counties.  The cluster is about 11 miles SSW of El Reno.

March 13, 2010 3.1 quake 

March 2010 Quake Swarm 





Oklahoma Earthquakes, 1977 through 2001 animated

Red circle: felt earthquake./font> Black circle: earthquake not known to be felt. Circle diameters are proportional to the square of magnitude. Made with GMT. Projection info, GMT map and PERL catalog conversion scripts.  Scroll page of individual annual maps 1977-2001.



Jones Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm from 2009:    Jones OK Earthquake Images

Oklahoma Earthquake Images for Select Quakes 

thumbnail of map of earthquakes in each oklahoma county

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Effect of Future New Madrid Region Earthquakes on Oklahoma (526 kb pdf) from Oklahoma Geology Notes Vol. 51 No. 1, February 1991.

Earthquake ground motion maps for IBC2000, IBC2003, and certain other building codes.

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