2002 FEB 8 Lawton, Oklahoma Earthquake

Origin time 16:07:13.6 UTC/GMT or 10:07:13 AM CST, Latitude 34.727degrees N, Longitude 98.361degrees W

Depth 5.0 km, restrained, Magnitude 3.8 (mbLg scale)



YYYY MMM DD HH MM SS.SS                  3Hz bLg DUR deg (N)   deg (W)   km
1959 JUN 17 10 27 07.00 COMANCHE    OK 6     4.2     34.5000  -98.5000  5.00R U 
1981 DEC 09 21 50 03.65 COMANCHE    OK   1.8     2.1 34.6080  -98.4650  5.00R ON
1982 MAR 16 00 21 42.02 COMANCHE    OK   2.4     1.9 34.5930  -98.8050  5.00R ON
1983 MAY 15 04 00 23.58 COMANCHE    OK   2.8 2.7 2.6 34.8270  -98.3600  5.00R ON
1985 DEC 10 00 59 06.04 COMANCHE    OK   2.2 2.1 2.2 34.5770  -98.5490  5.00R ON
1990 JUL 24 08 43 51.41 COMANCHE    OK   1.5     1.7 34.7580  -98.3510  5.00R ON
1997 APR 20 10 02 30.63 COMANCHE    OK 3 1.8 2.0 2.0 34.7430  -98.4830  5.00R ON
1998 APR 28 14 13 01.27 COMANCHE    OK 6     4.2     34.7550  -98.4470  5.00R OC
2002 FEB 08 16 07 13.6  COMANCHE    OK 5     3.8     34.727   -98.361   5.00R OC


Last update 2002 MAR22 2217GMT at which time there were 174 reports.

1. Fort Sill, Comanche Co, Reynolds Army Community Hospital: On
Second floor... "Felt the floor moving (like someone was shaking the building)
saw the walls of my cubicle moving".

2. Fort Sill, Comanche Co., Bld 700: "Inside, 2d floor... Sitting at desk
talking on the phone... [heard] Slight rumble... Entire building seemed to
shake north to south. This building is very sturdand demonstrates little
movement even during high intensity artillery firing here at Ft Sill.
Party on the other end of the phone at **** ** Birch Place, Lawton, reported
feeling the same thing, and seeing the house plants sway.

3. Fort Sill, Comanche Co., McNair Hall, Building 455: "It sounded like distant
thunder or an artillery barrage, which often occurs at Fort Sill. I felt my 
chair shake and heard my office windows rattling, which is unusual. It would
take a very large artillery barrage or Air Force bomb drop to cause that 
much shaking. ... a woman called our office to say it caused a crack in the
foundation of her house, and wanted to know if Fort Sill "had dropped a bomb."
We told her no"

4. Fort Sill, Comanche Co., Building 1459, Punch Bowl Road: "Standing near
work bench. Sounded like field artillery, felt two seperate small pulses
of vibration in the floor."

5. Lawton, Comanche Co., 1 mile north of McClung's Store on Hwy 58:
"ground floor... sitting on the couch... the sound was very loud, like several
jet aircraft passing over just 100 feet over the house. the quake passed
from northeast to southwest with a rolling motion that lasted about 1 and 1/2
1/2 seconds. i have experienced other quakes in panama and hawaii, as well
as the quake in this area of OK several yearsago. i would describe this as a
moderate quake, not scary, just surprising. ... the house shook thoughout
the quake. it kind of rolled like the rolling sensation of the quake rather
than a hard, shaking motion. ... **one picture knocked over on a dresser.**"

6. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 1950 Barbour Rd: "1 st floor.
Working with my computer. setting down. [heard] distant thunder,
Chair moved some. screen of computer moved."

7. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 441: "1st Floor... Working on computer in
office. heard windows rattle building shook a little"

8. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Hamilton Road: "2nd [storey] Sitting at my computer.
Windows rattled Building shook and kind of felt like it was being picked
up underneath. At my home, near Medicine Park, when I went at lunch to
check it, **9 books were out of the bookshelves and on the floor.**"

9. Blair, Jackson Co., about 4 miles from Blair: "watching TV... ground shook..
. minor tremor"

10. Fort Sill, Comanche Co., Currie Road: "heard slight rattle and distant
thunder sound... felt the ground shift under the building I was in...
**suspended cable swayed**."

11. Cache, Comanche Co., lawton indian hospital e side of lawton:
"[At computer on 3rd floor] it felt as if a chopper had set down in the room
the whole room shook... plant in offices swaying"

12. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., B. 455 McNair Hall: "Second Floor... Working at
my desk... Sounded like an explosion outside. The floor under my feet
moved; the west wall shook and I shook."

13. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 455 Randolph Street: "2nd floor...
Standing in the office... There was a loud noise like thunder, windows rattled.
building swayed back and forth.".

14. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 1 mile east of the ft sill chapel: "First Floor
Sitting down attending briefing... Didn't hear anything due to sound system
being used. Felt a small tremor similiar to that of the Seattle Quake of Feb.

15. Elgin, Comanche Co., North of football field.: "I had just waken up and
was lying in bed. I first heard the windows rattle. There was no sound of
thunder... usually the field artillery from fort sill rattles the windows,
but there was no sound of the artillery hitting as usual. After the windows
began to rattle, the bed began to shake while I was lying in it. It woke up
my cat who is usually oblivious to the sound of artillery shelling by Ft.
Sill. I think it was the bed moving that startled her."

16. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Searby Circle: "working at my computer in my
[first floor] office... heard a rumbling sound...it was like rolling
thunder which faded out in about 4-5 seconds, like a rumble moving through.
I felt like the house was swaying back and forth and tho I'm sure it didn't,
it felt like my chair (on wheels) moved back and forth."

17. Apache, Caddo Co., East Floyd Street: "[home, first floor, working on
computer]... Window and other things rattle, The house shake troughout"

18. Lawton, Comanche Co., N.E. Coronado Blvd.: "[home, second story, typing
on computer] heard noise, different from Fort Sill, more like a furnace
exploding shook throught the house, I stopped, walked outside to see if
something had hit the house."

19. Lawton, Comanche Co., SW of Ft. Sill Gate 2: "The whole house shimmered
for a few seconds"

20. Lawton, Comanche Co., north of Blessed Sacrament Church: " second storey,
reading and watching TV, felt 4-story house shudder (attic, second, first 
floors and basement."

21. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., north of Geronimo  Road School: "First story,
watching TV, Rumble, like artillery without the explosion, walls shook and
floor shook."

22. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., In A Wing, downstairs in Snow Hall, Bldg 730:
"first floor, Sitting at my desk working on the computer, Sounded as if
Soldiers in training had shot out, shook the building ....shook the floor
and the chair I was sitting in, windows shook."

23. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 3040, near junction of Ft Sill Blvd and
Austin Road: "Ground floor, I was sitting at my Test Bench, working on a
piece of test equipment and speaking with a co-worker. A single distant boom,
like one of the new Daisy Cutter Bombs had been dropped somewhere NorthEast
of my location at a distance of approximately 5 miles away. The building shook
with sounds of the structure supports shaking in the attic. I have felt many
earthquakes while in Alaska and this one was different. It sounded more like a 
single but huge detonation from a distance. No noticible subsequent vibration
at all. My test bench moved, (swayed East to West once), this bench weighs
more than 300 pounds. *The plate glass window to my west actually looked
like pressure had pushed it outward and then back again, singularly. No

24. Lawton, Comanche Co., Holy Family Catholic Church NW 82nd: "Ground floor,
at work, sitting at my desk....Two people [in an adjoining room did not feel
anything]. The floor moved under my feet and I heard what I thought at the
time was a boom that I attributed to shelling at Ft. Sill. I should have
realized what it was because the last one we had here in Lawton I was at
home sitting in my office and the complete floor rippled under my feet and
I called my brother and told me we had an earthquake.  It must have been more
intense the other time, I felt the floor moved under my feet.  Not a ripple
but a definite movement.

 {OGS note: "the other time" probably refers to a 1998 APR28
  magnitude 4.2 earthquake in Comanche County}

25. Lawton, Comanche Co., Elgin High School: "First floor, I was sitting
at my desk calling roll. The sound was not that different than when they
are shooting on post, so I didn't think it was unusual. It soundedlike
distant thunder. I could feel a vibratiion in my feet and in my desk.
None of the items on my desk were shaking, nothing fell of my desk or
off the shelves of my classroom."

26. Lawton, Comanche Co., Wildwood Road: "[home, first floor, working
at computer] Heard deep rumble, like thunder or artillery fire. Felt 
strong shock of several seconds. Felt the strong tremor of the earth through
concrete slab of home."

27. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Bldg 6039, Cherry St, "Working at desk, Did not
feel anything. Heard an extremely loud boom sound, at the time someone
had "shot out" during training exercise."

28. Lawton, Comanche Co., east of Crosby Park School: "2nd floor working
on the computer, heard a rumbling and the building like moved in slow
motion, a shake sort of. I swayed cause I stood up about that time." 

29. Lawton, Comanche Co., On highway 58 across from Lake Lawtonka: "1st
floor, sleeping, Sounded like a boom,like Fort Sill had dropped a bomb in
my backyard."

30. Lawton, Comanche Co., NW Taylor ave: "No sound, felt a slight
shake/vibration -- what we would normally feel when a lot firing is taking
place at fort sill."

31. Lawton, Comanche Co., Cameron University,  Burch hall, Second floor:
"sitting down , suvey of mathamtics had just started. heard nothing, myself
and two or three people felt a rumble, like something really big had been
dropped either on the same floor or on the one below. We only felt it for a
few seconds."

32. Walters, Cotton Co., East Kansas Ave: "first floor, lying in bed, Heard
a thunderlike noise, thought it was strange to hear thunder on a clear day,
*then I heard something falling on the floor in the kitchen*.

33. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., NE of Old Post Chapel: "In my home living room,
1st/only one level, sitting down at computer, sounded like not-so-distant
thunder, - chair rocked, house shook, small dog laying on patio was bounced
around like a jumping bean, nothing fell off shelves, no pictures fell from
the walls."

34. Lawton, Comanche Co., one mile S. of Ft. Sill: "home, first floor, sitting
on couch watching TV, I heard a rumbling sound as if it might of been
something that fort sill was doing, but it was really unusual., The whole
house shook in a way it never has.  I live close to Fort sill, so I am used
to the shooting out there, but this was nothing [by comparison]. It was
like the whole house just got up and moved. The furniture shook, knick-knacks
trembled,  T.V. shook, [nothing out of place]."

35. Duke, Jackson Co., Oklahoma: "Sitting in the living room of my single wide
Trailer house watching television, Nothing was heard, My husband and I felt
the house shake for about three seconds. Nothing severe just a slight shaking
of the whole house."

36. Lawton, Comanche Co., Hugh Bish Elementry: "4,5,6 graders were in the
cafeteria sitting down watching mrs. sherries dancers. rumbling sound,
i felt it on the ground."

37. Indiahoma, Comanche Co., west of intersection of new Hwy 62 and Rt 115:
"1st floor(ground lev on the computer, It was quiet, don't recall any noises
out of the ordinary. The wind was blowing outside. I felt the whole house 
tremble for a second or two."

38. Lawton, Comanche Co., sw of Pioneer Park Grade School: "I was sitting on
my bed when I felt the floor shake and heard a lot of noise that I was sure
was not the normal Ft, Sill firing, sitting on my bed watching tv and felt the
bed shake and heard noise, sound that was familiar to what we hear when Ft.
Sill is firing but much more intense which told me it was probably an
earthquake because it was the same as what I felt and heard in 98."

{OGS note: 98 probably refers to a magnitude 4.2 earthquake on 1998 APR28
 in Comanche County.}

39. Meers, Comanche Co., four miles from Meers: "at home, ground floor,
Surfing the Internet, Sounded like a very long impact burst from Ft. Sill.
Lasted several seconds rumbled very much like an Artillery blast in the
distance, The house shook throughout, could hear and feel an airburst."

40. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., field artillery training center: "I actually
thought it was artillery impacting... but this was a much larger
concussion. It reminded me of years ago when the 8" howitzer would shoot
and the ground would shake fairly severely... This 'concussion'  actually
made me look out the window and I did notice some vibration of the area...
At that I just thought it must have been a simultaneous impact of artillery.
I definitely felt the building shake, but only for a short duration."

{OGS note: several years back atmospheric conditions caused a "time on
target" simultaneous impact at Ft. Sill to be HEARD as far away as
Oklahoma City. But, except for a tiny signal at the seismograph in Meers,
Comanche Co., there were no detectable seismic (earth) vibrations}

41. Lawton, Comanche Co., Taft School: "i was writing a report in my desk,
desks shook, my pencil move back and forth, all the desk were outtta order"

42.  Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., near the New Post Chapel: "I was sleeping lightly 
in a chair. It was a very loud rumble much different from the artillery
fire that we are accustomed to... There were very loud vibrations of all
of the things on our shelves. We even heard the springs of the recliner that
I was in rattle. It rattled enough to wake me up in the chair. It felt as
though someone was just shaking the foundation of our house and all I could
think to do was grab onto the arms of the chair."

43. Elgin/Porter Hill, Comanche Co., east of Porter Hill:" lower floor
standing at kitchen sink, Thought Ft. Sill had missed its target.  Walls of
house actually moved.  House is 80 years old... Walls of addition in 1963
seemed to "breathe" - per husband.  Ran outside to see where the missle
had hit!"

44. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 2 kilometers NE of the Control tower on the Ft. 
Sill Airfield, Searby Hall: "3rd floor sitting at my office desk, I heard a
loud roar and thought at first it was artillery shells impacting on West
Range realized that it was much louder than artillery shells at that distance
and assumed it to be something else. The whole buidling, Searby Hall, shook.
I could feel my desk, chair etc, rumbling for a couple seconds."

45. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 2913 (Corner of Craig and Custer Roads,:
ground floor, Using computer/typing info, I heard what sounded like ordnance
exploding in the distance...it was louder than the regular howitzer ordnance
explosions. It was more like the exploding ordnance dropped by the air force
bombers during fire power demonstrations at Fort Sill. Simultaneously, my
keyboard and monitor began vibrating. My chair also vibrated."

46. Lawton, Comanche Co., North of School House Slough on Lake Lawtonka:
"Home. Ground floor. Using computer. Felt one strong shake, heard a loud boom.
Felt like chair dropped. *Chandelier swayed.*"

In reply to an Email request the person sending report 46. wrote:
   The chadelier swung about 4 inches each way. It is about 3 feet in
It takes about 1 to 1 1/2 seconds to complete a swing from one side to the 
   I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 42 years and was only about 12
miles from the Loma Prieta quake epicenter in 1989.

47. Lawton, Comanche Co., west of liberty heights baptist church: "I was
outside hanging laundry on the clothsline. I heard what sounded like a huge
explosion... I felt the earthshake for what may have been a count to 8.
*The water in a nearby cat bowl sloshed around, and the basket of cloths pins
suspended from the clothsline rope shook right in front of my face.
I have a candle in a jar that was lit at the time; the wax that was liquid
around the base of the flame had sloshed up the sides of the glass, and the
flame had been snuffed out by the wax sloshing over it.*"

48. Lake Lawtonka, Lawton, Comanche Co., N from school house slough at lake
lawtonka: "First floor. I was sitting at my computer in my home...
The ground beneath my feet roared like a huge exlosion had occured...
I lived in California for 20 years and experienced many earthquakes but I did
not assoicated this with a earthquake until I heard it on the news. felt the
earth roar beneath my feet and rumble. no swaying. *some items were crooked
on the wall.*"

49. Elgin, Comanche Co., north of porter hill: "first floor, Was on my computer
... *my chair shook and some pictures fell off the wall and light cover in 
bathroom fell off.*"

50. Porter Hill, Comanche Co., About 5 1/2 miles west of elgin high school:
"standing in the kitchen area of the convenience store I manage. I heard a 
very loud boom. It was like a sonic boom. There was nothing distant about
it. It felt like it was right on top of us. The building shook. I *almost
lost my balance". I thought a semi truck had just hit the building... *Some
of the dishes were shaken off the shelves onto the floor. I went into my office
and noticed particles of debris a little bit bigger than dust particles on my
counter that had fallen from the ceiling tiles.*"

51. Lawton, Comanche Co., N. W. Cherry: "1st Sitting in my liveing room. I
heard rumble like thunder. The wall behind me popped and The couch, I was
sitting on moved under neath me. Saw the room move. My dog was a sleep, she
came running down the hall to bark, she looked from side to side, trying to
figure what happened."

52. Lawton, Comanche Co., Near the Westwood school district: "I was laying
in bed, and the ground rumbled, tins fell from dresser, heard nothing but a
tin or two (decorative and small) fall  from the top of my tripple dresser
onto the floor, as the shaking or rumbling or vibrating feeling was going
on, for about 10 to 15 seconds.. knick knack fell, small light weight tins.
knick knacks displaced....just the light weighed ones"

53. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 1.2 miles North of Sheridan Road School:
"Sitting at my desk Ground floor Working on flowcharts on Computer At first
I thought it may have been an extremely large charge (explosives) set off
then when it continued to build I knew it had to be a quake, don't remember
how long it lasted - seemed like a long time - I know it was only  two or
three seconds, Building shook *couple of pictures fell off the wall, water
in my cup vibrated (no splashing.* pictures were in disarray".

54. Lawton, Comanche Co., Wichita Mtn Estates: "main floor On the computer
At first I thought that road construction on Hwy 49 was blasting. It was
very loud. The monitor seemed to bounce. Windows and dishes rattled, but
nothing broke. The house shook."

55. Paradise Valley, Comanche Co., N of Anns Country Kitchen: "first floor
sitting down, watching TV Loud Boom (much greater, than from nearby
Ft.Sill), then everything in house started to shake and rattle, house shook
throughout, as if it was moving around, off the foundation, hanging plants
started swaying, but mostly they shook, several pictures on the walls were
moved, as well as pictures and some knick-kmacks on the shelves....some as
far as 3 inches."

56. Elgin, Comanche Co., East of Assembly of God Church: "Ground Working at
my computer Heard a boom like an explosion, although not extremely loud."

57. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of Tomlinson Junior High: "first walking
across living room Heard rattle in windows, almost like thunder, or a
misfire on Ft. Sill but the tremors and the sound came at the same time
instead of delayed with shelling from the post the house shook throughout,
the floor shook so that my legs felt shaky"

58. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., about 1 mile north of Sheridan gate: "first
floor of three Sitting at my desk working on the computer Being at Ft. Sill,
there's constantly booming going on from the artillery being fired.  This
was different.  This was a deep rumble that was way different from any
artillery that I have heard before.  It also sounded like the walls cracked,
but I didn't seeing any evidence of cracking. It shook the whole building. I
have never experienced any other earthquake before this one, and I can
assure you that this is what it had to be because I have been around
artillery for 10 years and I have never felt anything like this."

59. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of Eisenhower High School: "ground level
Sitting in a fairly heavy office type chair on rollers on carpet looking at
the computer. I had the sensation someone had grabbed my chair and was
shaking it. I turned my head by reflex to see who was shaking it although I
knew noone else was in the room and felt silly for my action. I looked back
at the computer and the screen was shaking from side to side (north to
south).  I watched it for approx. 3 seconds and it stopped moving. The base
of the monitor did not move on the desktop during this time.

60. Apache, Caddo Co., down town: "I was sitting in the livingroom watching
T.V. on the first floor I live in a two story house and I felt the whole
house shake and rumble but I did not hear any sounds except for my house
squeeking and one of my walls cracked. The rumble of the quake made the
water in my fish tanks ripple for a few seconds and I felt the whole house
rumble. It only lasted for a few seconds. I noticed that both of the
fishtanks in my house rippled for a few seconds. A few nick-kacks were
knocked off the wall on the South side of the house. There is a new crack
above one of the doors in the kitchen.

61. Lawton, Comanche Co., NE of Pioneer Park School: "I was chatting on the
computer with a friend It didn't quite fell like Ft. Sill was firing.  It
felt like someone in the a downstairs condo was doing work on their condo or
someone was working on the siding of the building. I felt the floor shake.
It was different than when Ft. Sill shoots off their guns.  It was like
there was someone hammering on the outside of the building or underneath my
floor.  When Ft. Sill shoots their guns there is more of a boom and a sturdy
shake.  When I felt this I mentioned to the girl that I was chatting with
that I had to get up quick and see what was going on. I have a seizure
response dog and he was up here with me and he kinda looked up like what is
going on before I felt it.

62. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Howell School: "sitting at the table talking
on the phone felt the floor move;seen things on my table move. house shook
knick-knacks tremble on my kitchen table"

63. Elgin, Comanche Co., 3 miles from Porter Hill: "sitting at my dining
table reading the morning paper. I heard what I at first thought was an
explosion of great magnitude.  It rumbled VERY loudly like it came in 3 or 4
waves very close together.  The vases on top of my china cabinet, directly
in front of me, wobbled and I was afraid they were going to fall over.  The
patio door, windows and chandelier and ceiling fans shook. Because I first
thought of it as an explosion, I immediately ran outside to see if I could
see a smoke plume anywhere.  I live very high on a hill and can see for
miles in all directions.  I didn't see any smoke so I went in and called
KSWO and asked if they had had any reports of a huge explosion and that's
when I was first told it was an earthquake.  I lived in Monterey, CA for 18
months in 1983-84 and felt several quakes there.  This was VERY different
than those.  Those were much gentler.  I don't remember feeling this quake
for more than 5 or 6 seconds because I got up and ran outside.  I told my
husband later, that if the quake here had lasted a whole minute like it did
for the first few seconds,that I truly believe it would have torn the house
down.  This was so different from the quakes in CA that I don't know that,
without the news reports and such, I would have even figured out that it was
an earthquake.  Maybe if I had sat still longer I would have.  I was very
scared and shaky, which is very abnormal for me. I did notice, for the first
time, a small crack in the brick on the east side of my house that goes from
the bottom left corner of the window almost to the foundation.  The house is
just over 2 years old, so it could have just been normal settling and we
just never noticed it before."

64. Lawton, Comanche Co., north of Brockland Elementary School: "sitting at
my dining room table working on some paper work. heard a sound like Ft. Sill
traing with bombs, but it was much loader and stronger then normal. I felt
the table and the floor under my feet shake."

65. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., BLDG 2255: "sitting down working on computer
heard nothing computer shook and all items on my desk shook. Floor felt like
it was in a waving motion. liquids in bottles did slosh around."

66. Medicine Park, Comanche Co., Wichita Mountain Estates:, "1st floor
Sleeping Thunder, maybe exploded furnace. House shook suspended plants,
dishes falling picture were crooked on the wall,knick-knacks displaced books
on the floor. ceilind cracked."

67. Medicine Park, Comanche Co., Wichita Mountain Estates:, "1st floor of 1
story Eating lunch at the kitchen table At first I thought the troops were
firing on Ft Sill and the rounds were landing out of the safety fan.
Windows rattled for a lot longer than is caused by artillery.  The floor
shook under my feet.  This all went on for 4-5 seconds."

68. Lawton, Comanche Co., Lee Blvd: "first Lying in bed watching TV I heard
a vibration/movement in the southern wall behind my head  I felt a short
series of about 4 -5 slightly rolling jolts with a definite side to side
movement, west to east."

69. Lawton, Comanche Co., NW Maple Dive: "2nd floor apartment I heard a boom
louder than expected from Ft. Sill artillery.  My apartment building shook.
All my purfume bottles & crystal started to clank together & a picture feel
off the wall.  My cat was scared to death. Picture feel off the wall,
purfumes bottles & crystal clanked & shook, making loud noises. Pictures
were crooked on the walls, one was on the floor.  All knick-knacks were
displaced slightly."

70. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of MacArthur Jr. High, "ground floor Sitting
down watching TV. I heard a sound that I knew was not the usual Ft. Sill
firing. I felt what was more like a jarring than shaking.  It seemed to me
that there was a strong initial jarring which became mild and then a strong,
but not as strong as the initial, jarring.  Nothing fell from the walls or
shelves.  It was almost like my house had been gently dropped.

71. reported by 70. My mother who lives south of Apache on the
Comanche/Caddo county line called to tell me her house shook enough to open
her cabinet doors and her back door which will not close since the quake.

72. Lawton, Comanche Co., west of MacArthur High School: "first story Lying
down on the couch watching TV Heard a rumble almost too low to be heard, felt
the floor shake and  felt a ripple go through the whole room. That all
happened  at the same time, it was over in less than 2 or three seconds. The
entire house shook, so much that I was alarmed. I went and asked my mother
if she felt it and she told me that it was the Fort Sill artillery. I wasn't
convinced, I was sure that I had just felt the shockwave from some kind of
above-ground explosion, so I went  outside to look for a cloud of smoke,
etc. but there was nothing out of the ordinary in any direction. I'm used to
hearing the Fort Sill guns, but this was different."

73. Apache, Caddo Co., north of Boone-Apache grade school: "I was sitting on
the floor of the daycare center I work at tying a childs shoes. I heard
nothing but it felt like the floor was making a wave underneath where I was
sitting "

74. Indiahoma, Comanche Co., Post Oak Creek: "sitting down and watching TV
oud boom, thought it was Ft Sill firing but lasted too long.  Sounded like
something hit the house, which is a mobile home."

75. Lakeside Village, Comanche Co., "in the front room of our house
standing. Our house shook a lot worse than any Fort Sill has ever shaken us
before.  My wife ask me to look in our back yard to see of a shell from Fort
Sill had landed in our back yard. House shook throught. Some dolls are
laying down in the China Cabinet."

76. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Eisenhower high school: "inside my apartment
second floor sitting on my couch watching TV. I really didn't hear anything.
I thought people were moving in on our floor and that it was just them. But
then I felt the floor move. It wasn't a shaking feeling, but it was like a
rumble or a roll. It seemed like one end of the couch went up and then the
other. "

77. Cache, Comanche Co., south west of Cache School: "ground floor trailer
sitting down house rolled like a wave"

78. Lawton, Comanche Co., Austin Dr.: "At home in my recliner sitting down
watching T.V The house shook even my chair the windows rattled and it
sounded like they were stooting at Ft.Sill , but I didnt hear any actual
shooting , so I fugured it had to be an earthquake house shook throughout
windows rattled knick knacks rattled"

79. Lawton, Comanche Co., Northwest from Country Mart: "First [floor]
I was sitting in front of my computer, on line, in my residence at the above
address.  My great Pyranees was very nervous for about an hour before the
quake.  She ran into my office right before the quake and looked very scared
and sat as close to me as possible.  This dog also knew when the quake was
coming when we lived in Aurora,CO and was very nervous and not herself all
morning.  This was the earthquake that occurred in Washington in  2000.  I
have not been in Lawton very long and thought this was just another new gun
or shell at Fort Sill.  We have just moved here about six months ago from
Colorado.  I have never heard or felt an earthquake before.
heard:         It sounded like a shell exploding or a frieght train going by
very close and then three separate rolling sounds.  Looking back, I can tell
the difference between the Army and this feeling. heard the sounds and the
windows rattling, but also hear this with Fort Sill, especially at night.
 My furnace went off during the night and the repair man said that many
furnaces were off all over town.  The next time my dog gets these
sensations, I will pay closer attention than I have been.  I  know for sure
she knew the earthquake was coming in Seattle, and I now now she knew
yesterday also, but they also know when a weather front is coming through as
is today and I did not pay enough attention and this quake was not as
powerful as the last one in Washington.  I know she feels them, because in
the first one, she finally settled down and went to sleep after pacing and
being scared and nervous for about three hours and then the news broke on
the TV."

80. Lawton, Comanche Co., SW  of Crosby Park Elementary School:, "inside
ground level watching TV heard a rumble and felt a vibration of the floor
(concrete slab), it lasted about 2 or 3 seconds"


82. Lawton, Comanche Co., east of Meers: "groundfloor working on Computer
house shook throughout"

83. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Mow Way Road: "3rd floor I was sitting at my
desk working on the computer. I felt a shudder, a rubble and a friend and I
looked at each other and as I started to say to her, "Did you feel that?" a
definite swaying action occured. I could feel movement back and forth
sideways. It lasted on a few seconds but was very noticable. There was a
fire at a local school directly after the quake and it has been attributed
to the earthquake. The school is located west of Lawton and closer to the
Wichita Mountains. 
  {OGS NOTE: A fire caused by the earthquake could not be confirmed
             as of 2002 FEB10. Some rumors may be connected with the
             "Pizza Box Fire" at Lawton Christian School. The Lawton
              Constitution reported that a Pizza Delivery Person 
              may have accidentally turned on a burner under the
              pizza boxes.}

84. Lawton, Comanche Co., NW Euclid Ave: "I was sitting at my computer
checking my email.I live near a military base so at first I thought it was
just bombs going off, until my computer and dining room counter started to
shake and the walls rattled slightly. felt my chair rock, a bit, but my
daughter stayed asleep. I saw my computer shake."

85. Cooperton, Kiowa Co., E of Springhill Cemetery: "Major tremor felt after
10:00 am; noticed possib le lessor tremor around 8:00 AM same day; thought
earlier one might be Ft. Sill or sonic boom but didn't really sound like
either first floor getting coffee in the kitchen dishes rattled, sound like
thunder went on for at least 5 seconds"

86. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., east of the Ft. Sill air field: "ist floor
Sitting in a recliner in my living room watching TV. heard a bang. The chair
I was sitting in started shaking, like a dog was leaning against it
scratching itself."

87. Lawton, Comanche Co., Close to the christen school: "I was using the
computer, felt the chair and shake windows Sounded like thunder"

88. Lawton, Comanche Co., NE Turtle Creek Dr: "it's sounded like a rumbling
explosion. Feel: I felt strong vibrations and shaking. See: I didn't see
anything but i sure did feel and hear a whole lot."


90. Lawton, Comanche Co., Wichita Mountain Estates: "sitting on a chair in
front of computer a very loud noise , thought maybe strong artillery ( but
was never that strong before )or a plane crash .. I am nearly deaf ,but I
definitely heard that noise The chair rocked very strongly. It has rollers
underneath and rolled back and forth. The mat underneath it has indentures
where the rollers are , and it rolled out of them ( and I am a 210 lb
person).The whole house shook and vibrated .The  table with the computer on
it also shook."

91. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of McMahon softball park: "1st sitting down
heard knick knacks rattle and felt vibration"

92. Lawton, Comanche Co., S of Almor West Elementary school: "2nd floor We
were still in bed. Sounded like thunder. Top floor of our home shook."

93. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of Water tower on hgwy 58: "First floor
Doing laundry. sounded like a very large artillery peice being fired at Ft,
Silland the round close by.  I thought to my self this question-We haven't
started testing the new Crusader weapon at Ft. Sill have we? House shook

94. Medicine Park, Comanche Co.: "in kitchen First storey watching cnn news
sounded like Fort Sill firing plates rattled knick-knacks trembled"

95. Lawton, Comanche Co., Wichita Mountains Estates: "1st floor I was
sitting in my family room working on my computer.I was facing the north.
Sounded like a large nearby explosion house shook; it felt like the shaking
started from the west and went east. the floor swayed like a wave."

96. Elgin, Comanche Co., south of Elgin football field: "single storey house
I was standing , talking to my wife on the phone. I heard boom and the China
cabinet rattling. I live about 1/4 mile from the northeast coner of Ft.
Sill. At first I thought this was them shooting the MRLS, which they do
quite often. I quickly realized it wasn't Ft. Sill. I was talking to mt wife
on the phone and said we just had an earthquake. She was at work in Lawton
at Washington Elementry School, 8th and Columbia, in the basement and didn't
feel anything. The house shook some."

97. Lawton, Comanche Co., north of the Lawton airport: "2nd story I was
sitting down working at my desk. Heard nothing. My desk moved."

98. Lawton, Comanche Co., Wichata Estates: "I was at my computer when the
house started shaking. My house shook, things rattled, but the main thing
was the floor felt as it was lifting under my feet. It sounded at if a crack
of thunder following a lightening bolt. My wife was in another room when the
ratttling took place and I called out to her.  She in turn wondered what
shook the foundation of the house, as the floor seem to lift up and roll
forward. The sound was as if it was in the room with her. Wall plaques were
slightly ajar, pencils and pens in a metal holder rattled.

99. Meers, Comanche Co., south of Meers Store: "sounded simlar to a freight
train or rolling thunder everything just rumbuled, no glass sounds at all.
the house especially the floor shook throughout sawduring:     noticed no
movement, but I have four house dogs, two are pups and one of the pups was
acting strangly for a good 30 minutes to an hour before this happened at the
time of the quake they were all in the bathroom with their ears up and
acting scared.  After the quake my pup was acting normal again."

100. Lawton, Comanche Co., west of Edison Elementary School: "1st floor
Watching TV Heard boom and wife stated that wasn't Ft. Sill,,,,,,Heard
inside wind chimes rattle... Was reclined in recliner, and it felt like the
chair moved sideways and then back, but didn't move on floor......wife felt
just a rumble beneath her feet. sawduring:     Saw wind chimes inside house

101. Lawton, Comanche Co., one block from Fort Sill Airport: "Sitting at the
counter in my kitchen First floor Reading the morning paper while sitting at
the counter in my kitchen on the north side of my house next to a north
window. Heard a faint rumble coming from the northwest.  The sound seemed to
be on the ground.  Was different from the sounds we hear from ammunition
sounds as it traveles across the range at Fort Sill.  There was no loud
boom. There was a sudden JOLT to my house.  Seemed every wall in the house
was shaking and making noises.  As if the house had been lifted and suddenly
dropped to the ground.  Or as if it had been hit on all sides from the
outside at once."

102. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of Porter Hill: "inside my 1 story house in
my bedroom folding clothes to put in the closet I thought was an explosion
and I ran to look out my front window. I live just north of Ft.Sill where
they do lots of shooting off big guns in training and I thought maybe
something went wrong because was a different sound than I usually hear. The
house shook throughout and I went to check everything to see if maybe my
hotwater heater might have exploded. I have one shelf that I usually have to
check ever so often because of Ft Sill firing guns but I checked it after
this quake and nothing has moved on it."

103. Apache, Comanche Co., Edgewater Park: at home in bed I was asleep. The
bed shook and woke me up.

104. Lawton, Comanche Co., NW Pollard: "ground floor Working on my computer
I heard a rumbling sound which I attributed to Ft Sill's MLRS..It was like a
dull rolling thunder. The floor shook,desk shook. Ft Sill is always rocking
my house.I just naturally blame them Things on my desk rattle a bit. My cats
were acting excited.They did not want to be in the house.They still will not
stay in the house.Not normal behavior for my spoiled cats."

105. Lawton, Comanche Co., Clinton Herring Lincoln-Mercury office: "sitting
down sounded like someone ran into  our building with a vehicle building
shake as if struck by a vehicle some pictures were slanted slightly"

106. Altus, Jackson Co., west of Altus Air Force Base: "I was at home.
Reading the morning paper. I was in OKC when the Murrah Building exploded.
At first I thought, oh no, another bomb explosion.  It rumbled and it lasted
several seconds.  It was pretty loud. Windows vibrated."

107. Paradise Valley Estates, Comanche Co., west of Paridise valley BAPTIST
CHURCH: "i was ill and was lieing down on my sofa watching TV. i WAS AWARE
"WHAT WAS THAT?  IT WAS FORT SILL." Sounded like a deep thunder from the
floor. It shook the sofa reak hard at first then a pause the shook it again
in a lesser manner.

108. Elgin, Comanche Co., I was in school at Elgin Middle school: "bottom
floor sitting at my deskI didn't hear anything it felt like Ft sill was
training with those bombs nothing fell, it just shook very little"

109. Lawton, Comanche Co., Lawton Propane Gas: "ground floor sitting in my
office There was a glass bottle sitting in the bay on the concrete floor, I
noticed it had fell over with no apparent reason. I did not know that an
earthquake had occurred until later that day, so I assume it was the reason
for the bottle tipping over."

110. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., north from west range theater bleachers:
"working at construction site on ft.sill sounded and felt like 5 or 6
howitzers firing in sequence felt like howitzers firing a block away"

111. Lawton, Comanche Co., north of Crosby Park Elementary School: "1ST
FLOOR HOUSE  Watching TV and working on my computer (not online). Sounded
like Fort Sill with all their MLRS rockets going off at one time.  There was
a very low boom. Felt a small difference in air pressure, like when all the
windows are up in the car and someone slams the door close. The curtains in
the living moved slightly and the front door came open. Knick knacks in the
kitchen made slight noises."

112. Elgin, Comanche Co., City Hall: "first (only) floor I was sitting at my
desk listening to two co-workers chatting. I first noticed the rattling of
the suspended lights right above my head and heard the loud rumble.  For a
second I thought maybe a more powerful train was going over the tracks which
are just 1/10 of a mile away. My feet were touching the floor on my
chairmat.  I could feel the earth moving and I knew right away this was an
earthquake.  After hearing the lights rattle, I looked up and saw them
swaying.  I turned and looked at my computer monitor and it was rocking from
side to side. I did not notice anything out of place after the earthquake.
When I got home that evening I looked my house over for any evidence of the
earthquake and I found none.  I was told that a wall at one of the Elgin
Public School buildings had a crack in it directly related to the

113. Elgin, Comanche Co., NW of Elgin City Hall: "At my computer at home.
ground floor It sounded like an explosion like none I've every heard before,
except when "Honest John" was fired at Ft. Sill a number of years ago. After
the quake, pictures were crocked and some of my show plates where knocked
off the was and my computer actually look like it was lifted up off the
table.  I thought we were being it by the "big one". dogs started barking
and my horses and goats went crazy outside."

114. Altus, Jackson Co., near Sunset Elementary School: "I was inside my
home walking through my kitchen. I heard what I thought was a sonic boom and
then heard a similar but lesser sound a couple or minutes later.  My dogs
heard it and barked a lot."

115. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Hugh Bush Elementry School: "I was in my
house working on my computer system I heard a loud rumbling sound almost
like loud thunder and artillery explosions.  I live near Ft Sill and at
first I thought it was artillery but it just didn't sound right. I also
heard my dishes, pictures and window rattle and my shed in the back yard
shake too. It shook the floor/foundation throughout the house, also shook
the computer,desk and chair I was in violantly the window, dolls and
knick-knacks, cmputer desk,picture and other furniture shake.  Nothing fell
off or down, just vibrated a lot."

116. Elgin, Comanche Co., east of Porter Hill: "1st floor sleeping enterier
doors rattled violently"

117. Lawton, Comanche Co., north of BC Swinney Elementary School: "in my
home 1st floor watching tv extremely low rumble, plates displayed on walls
rattling, swaying of ground (gentle) Plates on wall vibrating plates crooked
on walls large crack in ceiling"

118. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Reynolds Army Community Hospital: "Working on
the hospital web site. Sit at my desk in the basement NO sounds, My chair,
desk and computer felt like they were moving around for about 3 seconds. It
look like everything move all together, it was really strange."

119. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Eisenhower High School: 2nd floor I was
sitting on the couch watching TV I really didn't hear anything... It seemed
like a wave went through the room. Like one end of the couch went up and
then the other... I think people were moving in down the way and it was
making the room shake. But then I felt a different movement, which was the
wave type movement. I really didn't think anything about it..."

120. Lawton, Comanche Co., south of Pat Henry Elementary School: "inside
house living room watching T.V. loud rumble and vibration deep bass sound
felt like Fort Sill was doing bomb exercise"

121. Lawton, Comanche Co., east of cleveland elementary: "laying down in bed
vibration through the bed felt the bed move"

122. Elgin, Comanche Co., South side of Hwy.277: "Working on garage door
Sounded like Ft. Sill shot off the big one Shook the whole house and knocked
down a shelf The garage door was up and it lurched forward and back several
times Stuff all over the bathroom from shelf that had dislodged"

123. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Ft Sill Federal Credit Union: "main floor
sitting at desk entering data into computer heard nothing building shake
computer moniter screen move (jiggle)"

124. Altus, Jackson Co., 3 miles from Downtown Square: "Felt two shakes of
the house and loud noise. one story house  In living room, heading to the
kitchen  sounded like thunder; the first one I wasn't sure.  The second one
the windows shook more noticibly.  I telephoned mother on the base, she
didn't feel anything, and I called channel 9 and she said the gas pipe line
explosion just happened in Perry.  I thought it possibly was the effects
from the explosion."

125. Altus, Jackson Co., In Building #52 on Altus AFB OK: "2nd Floor
Standing nearest the western most outer wall of the facility. Heard nothing.
Felt the building shake throughout."

126. Apache, Comanche Co., south lakeview rd: "standing by the computer
loud bang  felt the house shake"

127. Lawton, Comanche Co., south/west of Woodland Hills elementary: "first
floor of home In lounge chair reading the morning newspaper sounded like
muffled thunder chair rocked and starled me"

128. Cache, Comanche Co., near Wichita Baptist Church: "1st floor sitting in
bed there was a booming noise that seemed to increase the decrease house
shook throughout.

129. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Mow Way Road: "3rd floor  Hands on the keyboard
of my computer. heard nothing Felt vibration of keyboard and movement of

130. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Randolph Road: "first Sitting down working on
my computer sounded like distant thunder/artillery felt mild shaking through
my feet"

131. Duncan, Stephens Co., near duncan high school: " i heard the back door
rattle and the mini blinds,were shaking against the back door.  I thought it
was a boom box of one of the kids but i didnt notice any music, nor there
shouldnt have been any kids out at that timeof day. sawduring: mini
blinds on the back door hit up against the door

132. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., reynolds army hospital: "basement talking on
the phone felt chair rocking computer monitor rocking"

133. Lawton, Comanche Co., wichita mt. estates: "sitting at our breakfast
bar, writing notes ground floor a roar began -- didn't think much of it --
thot it was more artillery fire fr/ Ft Sill -- roar got louder & louder -- I
stopped writing to listen
felt:          the entire house rocked & shook -- DEFINATELY got my
attention... looking outside the window, I saw our home shake violently &
then settle down, along w/ the garden immed attached to the house
sawafter:      Was an adrelellin rush!  It awoke our dog fr/ his sleep -- he
looked at me w/ a question on his face.  I was wondering what was going on
too.  NO damage that we could assess on our property.  We lived in North SAn
Diego during the 1994 Northridge, CA quake & the rolling & undulating
awakened our family out of sleep in the early morning hours.  This quake on
the other hand REALLY SHOOK DEEPLY & also rolled a little."

134. Anadarko, Caddo Co., Lat-Lon location in original: "third floor sitting
down typing at computer heard nothing chair shook, enough to stop typing"

135. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., south of Medicine Bluff: "2d floor sitting down
at my desk The whole floor under my feet was moving up and down.  The whole
building shook and sounded like a when a train goes by real close to the
building. It felt like when your sitting on a lake in a boat and another
boat goes by and makes wakes and your boat rides the waves up and down until
the last wave goes past. The suspended plants in office swayed. Pictures was
displaced on the wall to the side of my desk.  Pictures on my desk slide to
the west. Pictues in frames on my fireplace mantel at home which is 20 mile
to the southwest of Medicine Bluff were thrown off onto the floor below and
broke the frames."

136. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Nance Boyer building Cameron University: "3rd
floor sitting down in class sounded like distant thunder felt rummble for
approximately 3-4 seconds"

137. Lawton, Comanche Co., nw 75th street: "first floor sleeping didn't hear
anything; just a rolling feeling under the bed. bed rolled and told my
daughter that i thought we just had an earthquake but she figured it was
artillery at Fort Sill"

138. Anadarko, Caddo Co., Western Farmers Electric Cooperative: "Working at
a computer Low rumble.  Ceiling times popped and made noise. Rolling motion.
A little "sea sick" feeling. Coffee moved in cup."

139. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 700 Knox Hall:, "2nd story I was sitting on
the floor It was a rumbling noise, made me think of a bomb exploding a light
shacking for about 5 seconds i felt a light shacking about 3 minutes after it

140. Lawton, Comanche Co., 73505, NW CACHE RD: "GROUND floor  SITTING AT MY DESK


142. Carnegie, Kiowa Co. 73015 4 miles from Highway 58 and 19 junction: "1st
floor sleeping Heard a big boom. Felt house shake and I was awakened."

143. Comanche Co., north of hwy 49/58 intersection 73501: "home 2nd story
just out of shower felt like an artillery barrage in the near distance( 15
miles) One crack in window  Window could've been cracked earlier and I
didn't notice."

144, Comanche Co., 1 mile from Medican Park 73503-1007: " I was laying in
bed watching television groung floor sounded like distant thunder,you could
feel the rumble My bed shooked, then poped off the floor.Just like when you
pop a rug to get the dust out. knick-knacks trembled pictures were crooked
on wall. My cat were acting strang, they were running more than usually back
in forth , up and down the hallway."

145. Lawton, Comanche Co., Burch Hall, Cameron University 73505: "1st floor
Sitting in front of my computer at work I heard a dull booming sound,
instantly thinking it was artillery
    rounds from Ft. Sill, although I had never heard them from inside
    my office before. I felt my chair virbrate at the same time I heard the
dull booming
    sound; again thinking it strange that I could feel the vibrations
    from the artillery, since I had never felt it before.

146. Lawton, Comanche Co., SW Driftwood 73505 reported by #145: "I would
later that evening find that a rather heavy mirror had fallen off of a wall
[on SW Driftwood] While I cannot be certain that the mirror's falling was a
result of the quake, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I found

147. Apache, Caddo Co., Apache High School 73006: "first story, I was having
class with my second hour Basic English students We heard a rumbling sound.
It felt like the building rolled, kind of like when you sit on a waterbed
One of my students told me that he saw the cabinets behind my desk roll.
Another teacher in the building told me she saw the ceiling tiles roll."

148. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co. Snow Hall, Building 730 73503-0600: "2nd stoey
Attending an in-service class I heard a double boom, more like a sonic boom
than artillery. There was a noticable shake, of short duration, that was
somewhat like the artillery impact shock waves to which we are accustomed.
However, it felt much closer than the artillery, which is normally about
three to five miles away. I also felt an overpressure wave. The interior
walls seems to bow slightly and return to normal."

149. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 1/4 mile west of Sheridan Road School and 1/4
mile south 73503: "3rd Floor  sitting down talking to a friend  We heard a
rumbling sound the building swayed"

150. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., In the Community Activity Center Building
73503: "1st story Sitting in a briefing Felt a little shake which lasted 2-3

151. Lawton, Comanche Co., 1 1/2 mile from Lawton Christian School
73505-9547: "in my house, in my bed first floor just getting up i heard like
a distant thunder and a huge shake..the bed shook and felt like something
hit the house maybe."

152. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., DOL Maintenance Area, app. 6 miles
west-northwest of key gage 73503: "first floor  I was sitting at desk
answering an emailI could hear this distant roaring like sound.  They are
always firing rounds here at Fort Sill and that was my first thought.  But
after a moment I knew this was an earthquake.  I could just feel it in the
floor, the pictures and overhead lights had movement, and I just experienced
this funny feeling.  I immediately went upstairs to an office directly over
ours, and those ladies said "did you feel that."  We had also felt the
earthquake here about three years ago. I called my husband at our home in
Cache, Ok. and he said our whole house was shaking. movement in pictures,
and it was like the building had been jared by something.  Repair work is
performed on MLRS's in this building.  So I'm also thinking an MLRS is going
to come thru my wall at any time radio on top of modem was swaying,
pictures on wall trembling, overhead lights shaking."

153. Lawton, Comanche Co., 1 mile west of KSWO TV station 73501: "1 story
watching TV felt the ground shake  house shook"

154. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 700m west of Fort Sill Cemetary (Main Post)
73503-5600: "2nd Storey Sitting behind a desk working on a computer Sounded
like a large caliber (8") artillery round exploding Room shook as if a large
caliber (8") artillery round exploded.  However there was no overpressure
vibration of the windows.

155. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Reynolds Army Hospital 73503: "3rd floor I was
sitting at my desk, arms resting on my desk, typing on my keyboard. I didn't
hear anything. No one was talking and the radio was not on. I felt a
vibration or shaking. I commented on it to 2 of the people I work with but
they didn't feel anything. However, they were walking when it happened."

156. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Lauman Ave 73503: "in my quarters on post 2nd
level sitting at the computer heard a low rumbling felt the floor shaking
and my chair shaking saw my computer screen shaking"

157. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 2 blocks north of the Ft. Sill airfield 73503:
"ground floor I was sitting at my computer desk. I thought it was a very
close very LOUD artillery round.I felt like I lost my balance. My chair &
the entire house actually moved. Windows rattled, the dogs jumped up &
started barking,& I remember saying to the dogs, "Wow, artillery has never
actually MOVED the house before." Then for a few seconds I thought it had to
have been an earthquake, but dismissed it as artillery."

158. Lawton, Comanche Co., North Shepler Building at Cameron University
73505: "Inside - 5th floor I was sitting at my desk working on my computer
Heard a slight rumble but kind of like a small caliber artillery 
    had been fired on Fort Sill. Very soft the floor felt like it rolled.
The sensation was like a rug that had
    shaken. It was a single roll. Got up and went and stood in the door
    way. If there were further rolling motions I missed them because I
    got up immediately.  I knew what it was because I have been in 3 big
    earthquakes - California, Mexico, and Illinois."

159. Lawton, Comanche Co., Bldg. 1655 Randolph Road 73503-0530: "Basement
Sitting at my desk in my office Sounded like the artillery fire we normally
hear here, only louder. The floor "shifted" in a general movement from south
to north causing my chair to rock slightly. Slight sway of the fluorescent
lighting suspended from the ceiling."

160. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., W. Gore Blvd 73505-6377:, "2nd floor Sitting at
my computer Heard a loud boom building shook slightly."

161. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 1/4 mile NW of Ft. Sill Airfield Building 3040,
Austin Road 73503-5000:, "2nd floor working at my computer felt building

162. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Westwood Elementary school: "at home in
converted garage I was sitting down, surfing the internet I thought
something had fallen down in our storage shed chair shook a little"

163. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., 1/2 mile east of Main PX on Fort Sill, next to
Post Office on Fort Sill Blvd. 77th Army Band Personnel Battalion 73503:
"1st Floor We were having a concert band rehearsal during this time sounded
like distant thunder the building shook, my chair shook, the ground shook my
music stand began to bounce a little"

164. Lawton, Comanche Co., near Roger's lane 73505-1763: "1st storey I was
sitting on my couch, writing in my journal. I heard my front window rattle
slightly. I heard my back door shift(we hardly ever use it).  I felt a
whoosh go through the house. I lost my balance and nearly slid off the
couch. I saw my window blinds shudder."

165. Lawton, Comanche Co., NW HOOVER AVENUE 73507-2513: "1ST FLOOR SITTING

166. Ft. Sill/Lawton, Comanche Co., Bld 2594 Fort Sill, OK 73503-6800:
"Ground Floor At Work at my desk. sounded like an airplane sonic boom. bld

167. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., east side washrack on the 6000 training side
near the motor pool 73503: "2 [floor] at work in the office it sounded like
a vehicle hit the side of the building, i looked nothingit felt like an
artillary round hitting the ground building shook"

168. Lawton, Comanche Co., 2 miles from McArthur High School: "2nd storey
sitting at computer heard artillery fire on Fort Sill felt house shaking,
floor moving under my feet"

169. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., North of the intersection of Barbour and
Currie Road 73503: "Sitting at my desk on the 2nd floor of building 1950
working on the computer  It sounded like tanks had driven very closely by.
We had previously heard the same sound a couple of months earlier ( I
think). We all decided it was either the train that is beside our building
or possibly tanks driving by We did not feel anything only heard the noise.
My co worker thought he felt the floor vibrate."

170. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., searby hall 73503: " 3rd story working at my
desk I felt the building roll and shake from a northeasterly direction I
think. I knew immediately it was a quake. the whole building rolled and
shook. it was like riding a boat over a wave. It felt like it came from the
north or northwest of here. some shaking of fixtures lasted about5-8 seconds
only one surge."

171. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., Building 1655: "Inside, 1st floor. I was
sitting working at my PC. I heard a loud thump and the floor seemed to move
south then back north.  It felt much like that of several years ago.  I left
my work office to walk outside to get clear of the building.  I remained
outside for a few minutes and saw no apparent unusual activity so went back
to work at my PC."

172. Elgin, Comanche Co., 5 miles west 1 mile north of Elgin, 73538-0226:
"ground floor I was sitting at my desk in our home office doing paper work
and listening to Ft. Sill practice bombing.  Then I heard a bombing that
lasted 4 times longer and louder  when the shaking started and it seemed
that it would never stop. At first I thought Ft. Sill had put too much
dynamite into the last bomb but it just kept getting louder and the shaking
stated.  Our house shakes when Ft. Sill is practing but you get used to it.
This you could definitely tell was not the base. My whole desk was  shaking
as well as myself in the chair.
felt:          The entire house shook for at least a minute startling my
daughter Nothing fell off the walls but the chandlier was swaying in the
dining rm where my daughter was and some of the pictures on the wall were
crooked I didn't notice anything before this quake but I told my duaghter
that this one felt alot stronger than the one I felt in 1998 at this same
location.  The one in 1998 was like a rubber band one or two shakes back and
forth but it was just as loud.

173. Ft. Sill, Comanche Co., just south of Geronimo Road school on Fort
Sill 73503-5100: "1st floor sitting in an auditorium watching a video heard
nothing  floor vibrated as if a jackhammer was next to you"

174. Lawton, Comanche Co.,  east of Interstate 44 & Lee Blvd.: "In house
first storey watching TV in bed Bed shaking which I thought was Ft. Sill
again, but shook longer than normal from the artiliary.  The only sounds
were pictures shaking slightly on the walls.  My bedroom is not on a cement
pad, so I assume that is why I felt it so well."


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