Oklahoma Geological Survey Seismogram, Spectrogram, and Magnetogram Index

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Underground Nuclear Tests

Lop Nor PRC 700-1800 kiloton underground
nuclear test, 1992 MAY21

Regional Earthquakes (outside Oklahoma, inside contiguous USA)

1999 JUL03, Washington State, mb=5.5

Distant Earthquakes (outside contiguous USA)

1995 JAN16, Kobe, Japan, Mw=6.9

1999 JAN25, Western Colombia, mb=5.8, Ms=5.8, Mw=6.1

1999 JUN15, Central Mexico, mb=6.3, Ms=6.5, Mw=6.9 Complex (multiple) quake

1999 AUG17, Turkey , Ms=7.4, Mw=7.8(OGS)

1999 SEP20, Taiwan , Ms=7.6, Mw=7.5(OGS)

Earth Tides (some with superimposed earthquakes)

Earth Tide (vertical component) 1997 JUL04-08

 Earth Tide (vertical component) 1994 MAY24 to JUN01. Seven earthquakes are also visible

Mine Collapses

1999 MAY13 Seismograms of Kansas City,
Kansas collapse


See also index of daily magnetograms.

Minor Magnetic Storm beginning 1999 MAY18

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