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Largest Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Date County City

MMI Intensity

Mag Latitude Longitude
2011-Nov-06  LINCOLN Prague VII 5.6 35.53162 -96.77137
1952-Apr-09 CANADIAN El Reno VII 5.5 35.4 -97.8
1882-Oct-22 BRYAN Bennington VI 4.9 34 -96
2011-Nov-08 LINCOLN Prague VI 4.8 35.5179 -96.7858
2011-Nov-05 LINCOLN Prague VI 4.8 35.53849 -96.78069
2014-Mar-30 LOGAN Marshall V 4.5 36.13092 -97.62912
2013-Dec-07 OKLAHOMA Arcadia Lake VI 4.5 35.607 -97.38468
1974-Feb-15  BEAVER Beaver V 4.5 36.5 -100.693
2013-Apr-16  LINCOLN Wellston V 4.4 35.68623 -97.08884
2012-Apr-03 ATOKA Pittsburg V 4.4 34.63852 -95.88232
2010-Oct-13 CLEAVLAND Noble VI 4.4 35.17552 -97.32081
1939-Jun-01 HUGHES Spalding IV 4.4 35 -96.4
2014-Apr-07 LOGAN Langston V 4.3 35.89131 -97.27518
2010-Nov-24 OKLAHOMA Luther IV 4.3 35.612 -97.252
1926-Jun-20 SEQUOYAH Marble City V 4.3 35.6 -94.9
2014-Mar-30 LOGAN Marshall V 4.2 36.12546 -97.63979
2014-Apr-06 LOGAN Langston IV 4.2 35.89019 -97.26905
2013-Apr-16  LINCOLN Wellston VI 4.2 35.68074 -97.09777
1997-Sep-06 COAL Coalpont lake VI 4.2 34.676 -96.499
1959-Jun-17  COMANCHE NE Faxon VI 4.2 34.5 -98.5
2014-Feb-09 LOGAN Langston VI 4.1 35.89254 -97.29209
2014-Apr-10 LOGAN Guthrie V 4.1 35.77453 -97.48264
2014-Apr-05 LOGAN Marshall IV 4.1 36.13124 -97.63078
2013-Dec-29 LOGAN Langston IV 4.1 35.89136 -97.29668
2010-Feb-27 LINCOLN Prauge IV 4.1 35.535 -96.757
1995-Jan-18 GARVIN Antioch VI 4.1 34.712 -97.542
1961-Apr-27 LATIMIR Wilburton V 4.1 34.9 -95.3
1956-Oct-30 ROGERS Catoosa VII 4.1 36.2 -95.8
2011-Nov-06 LINCOLN Prauge V 4.0 35.519 -96.784
2014-Mar-30 LOGAN Marshall IV 4.0 36.13519 -97.62569
1990-Nov-15 GARVIN Lindsay VI 4.0 34.761 -97.55
1959-Jun-15 PONTOTOC Ada V 4.0 34.8 -96.7
1929-Dec-28 CANADIAN El Reno VI 4.0 35.5 -98


The only known surface expression of an active fault occurs in southwestern Oklahoma.  The last slip on this fault is estimated to be about 1300 years ago and may have been equivalent to a magnitude 6.5 or 7.0 earthquake.  This fault is known as the Meers Fault and is visible from the air as can be seen in the following picture.



2014 Earthquakes

(Updated June 6th)

The OGS located 2270 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2014 thus far.  430 of these earthquakes were reported felt. There have been 8 earthquakes between the magnitudes 4.0-4.5 in 2014 and have all been located in Logan county.  

*(note, these reported numbers are subject to increase as we continue to locate and report new events and work to update our catalog for previous events in 2014)

2013 Earthquakes

The OGS located 2848 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2013.  284 of these earthquakes were reported felt. The largest earthquakes to occur in 2013 were a magnitude 4.5 earthquake on December 7th near Arcadia Lake, a M4.4 followed by a M4.2 on April 16th near Wellston, and a M4.1 on December 29th near Langston, Oklahoma.

*(note, these reported numbers are subject to increase as we work to update our catalog through the end of 2013)

2012 Earthquakes

The OGS located 980 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2012.  75 of these earthquakes were reported felt. The largest earthquake to occur in 2012 was the April 3rd magnitude 4.4 earthquake which occurred in Atoka County near Wardville, Oklahoma.

2011 Earthquakes

The OGS located 1470 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2011.  99 of these earthquakes were reported felt.  The largest earthquake to be recorded in Oklahoma was the magnitude 5.6 on November 6th 2011 near Prague, Oklahoma. This earthquake was preceded by multiple foreshock events, the largest a M4.8 on November 5th and followed by multiple aftershock events with a M4.0 within minuets after the M5.6 mainshock and a M4.8 on November 8th.

2010 Earthquakes

The OGS located 1047 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2010.  103 of these earthquakes were reported felt.  The largest earthquake to occur in 2010 was the October 13 magnitude 4.7 earthquake which occurred near Norman, Oklahoma.  This earthquake was felt from Kansas City to south of Dallas, Texas.  The was also a magnitude 4.1 which occurred on February 27 in Lincoln County near Prague, which was felt through parts of Oklahoma and Kansas.  

Oklahoma County continued to have a significant amount of earthquake activity associated with the Jones swarm.  The OGS located 695 earthquakes in Oklahoma County in 2010, and of these 65 were reported felt.  The largest earthquake to occur in the swarm was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake.  The OGS deployed additional seismic instrumentation to the area in early 2010.  This instrumentation has allowed us to determine a great deal about the earthquakes occurring in Oklahoma County.  We have not discovered a cause for the dramatic numbers of earthquakes, but continue to examine the data.