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Earthquake Intensity Survey

Modified from the Geological Survey of Canada survey form, with permission of Stephen Halchuk

We are seeking information on recently felt earthquakes in and near Oklahoma .
If you were in or near the felt area of a recent earthquake,
but did not feel the quake, please report this to help us in mapping the felt area.
Thank you for your time and information.

WHY does the Oklahoma Geological Survey need your help?

The information you provide on your experiences of the earthquake will be used to determine the intensity of the earthquake, which is different from the magnitude . Intensity information provides details on the effects of specific earthquakes and helps us to determine how your area may respond to future earthquakes. Seismologists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey tabulate the information and plot intensity reports for felt earthquakes.

Please fill out the following information as fully as possible. If you did not feel the earthquake and were in epicentral region, please respond. This information is also valuable to us! Your name and email address are optional but we encourage you to fill them out in case we need to clarify some of your information. The zip code and location or street information for your location during the earthquake are helpful for determining regional variations in intensity.

Please answer the questions below, using the blank spaces to describe your observations.

With some browsers the use of enter or return in a single line answer may terminate the form. If this happens, try the tab key instead.

What is your zip code (Please use zip+4 if you know your zip+4)?




Please give directions from where you felt the earthquake

to the nearest town, church, school, park, cemetery,

radio/TV tower, or airport. For example:

31/2 miles N and 1 mile E of Maysville, three miles south of Mohawk Park,

one mile east of Ada middle school, one mile N of Bluff Church.

If you have a Global Positioning System or GLONASS receiver, please

read your latitude and longitude and enter them on the next line

instead of directions to nearest church, school etc.

Directions from nearest church, school, park, cemetary, etc?

Street address?

Was the earthquake noticed by you or others in your community on the date and at the time indicated?

  1. No. Please submit questionnaire; this information is important for our studies.

  2. Yes. Earthquake noticed on (year/month/day) at (time)

If more than one earthquake was noticed on this day, please give time(s).

Where were you at the time of the earthquake?

(if different from above please include name of city, town or village)

If you were inside, on what storey of the building were you?

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.

What were you doing?

e.g. driving a car; making dinner; sleeping; sitting down and watching TV.

What did you hear/feel/see?

Are you personally aware of any damage directly related to this earthquake? Describe briefly.

If you noticed any other earthquakes in the days just before or after the main earthquake, please describe what you experienced.

Your name

Your email address
Filling out this form does not send us your email address. Should you have a
question, OGS can not reply to it unless you send your email address.



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or simply

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