OGS Stations


Station TUL (red) is the Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory near Leonard,
in rural Tulsa County, Oklahoma. All other stations have a single short
period vertical S-13 seismometer. Stations in green (RLO, VVO, SIO) 
telemeter the signals to Leonard, by FM audio tone telemetry on radio
signals in the 216-220 MHz band. At Leonard the signals are digitized
by a Guralp DM16/R8 16 bit digitizer. MEO and PCO have Guralp digitizers
communicating with Guralp SCREAM software running on PCs with Linux OS
in the Meers Store and Restaurant (MEO) and Sam Sheehan's house (PCO).
The SCREAM software records and displays locally. SCREAM sends packets
over the internet to Leonard for display and recording, including permanent
archiving on CDROMs.

Oklahoma City array stations have a Guralp CMG-3ESPC seismometer and a 
Guralp DM24NET digitizer/TCP-IP stack. Ethernet is present at each site
and communication is by UDP packets over the internet to Leonard. When
a UDP packet is missing a TCP connection is set up for resend.

North latitude (all Oklahoma stations)is positive, and West longitude (all
Oklahoma stations) is negative by international convention.

abbreviation name latitude longitude elevation GPS date EPEm degrees degrees meters TUL Tulsa 35.91056 -95.79244 250 * 20051212 06 A TUL0 Tulsa 35.9126 -95.7903 -571 ** TUL1 Tulsa*** RLO Rose Lookout 36.16695 -95.02554 365 20051122 08 A VVO Vivian 35.34142 -95.73561 294 20051214 06 A SIO Slick 35.74657 -96.30765 320 20051121 09 A PCO Ponca City 36.69319 -96.98258 325 20060403 15 no MEO Meers 34.78370 -98.58448 443 20060201 21 no FNO Franklin 35.2572 -97.4006 357 Oklahoma City Array-not on above map. OKCSW Sweetheart 35.40552 -97.43800 379 OKCFA Farley 35.41530 -97.41535 380 GPS locations were made with a Brunton Atlas. EPEm= Estimated Probable Error in meters shown on the GPS display. A indicates that the satellites used in the location were WAAS corrected. *Coordinates are for the top of the pier at center of the trivet of the Johnson Matheson seismometer in the Leonard walk in vault. A tape measure was used to measure offset to a vent from the vault ceiling to the surface. **Coordinates are for the Crosstimbers bore Guralp CMG-1TD seismometers. ***This station is in the former Soviet/Russian Tulsa Designated Seismic Site. This was used in seismic verification of the Threshold Test Ban Treaty.